Early June Edibles, Vegetable Garden Problems, and Repotting Houseplants

If you’re wondering if you can still plant vegetables, or you’re seeing your new plants being eaten, this episode is for you. Learn what to do about holes and bites out of young plants, hear how to repot houseplants now, and find out which indoor plants should be sent “to summer camp.”

:39  What’s For Dinner  Planting in early June
5:00  Eat/Drink/Grow: Seeds that don’t germinate, seedlings that disappear, and young plants that are being eaten.
19:29   Insider Information: Repotting houseplants.
23:25   Love Letters and Questions:  A question from Bailey about putting a Norfolk Island Pine outside for the summer.

The small plants that you place in the garden in early June will very quickly grow in the heat of the summer.

If critters are eating your vegetables, a fence is the best answer. C.L. plants some things in the “bunny bin” – a fenced area that keeps the rabbits away from her broccoli, kale, and green beans.

Holes in your newly planted annuals and vegetables? Dust them asap with diatomaceous earth, aka DE. It’s the best treatment for slugs, earwigs and night-feeding beetles.

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