Your Outdoor Office, Daylilies, and Mosquito Control

The Plantrama team talk about your outdoor office; making places on decks, patios, porches or even in the woods where you can work and create. We take a deep dive into Daylilies, and answer a listener’s question about mosquitoes.   This episode is being brought to you by our friends at

1:30      Insider Information: Your Outdoor Office
5:57      Eat/Drink/Grow: A  Deep Dive into Daylilies
18:09   Love Letters and Questions: Mosquitoes Control

An outdoor work space can be as simple as a comfortable chair. Be sure that you have a horizontal surface such as these wide arms to put you laptop, beverage and cell phone on.

Daylilies bring a great deal of color to the July garden.

C.L. plants daylilies in groups of three or five for a good show when they are in flower.

Did you know that dragonflies eat mosquitos in all stages of their lives?

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