Chestnuts, Hellebores, and Growing Foxgloves

Ellen and C.L. talk about eating chestnuts, the perennial plant that’s commonly called hellebores, and what it means when you are talking about pesticides. We end with a listener’s question about growing foxglove plants from seed.

 :34  What’s For Dinner:   Chestnuts
6:31  Eat/Drink/Grow:   Helleborus
17:50  Insider Information:  Define “Pesticide”
21:38  Love Letters and Questions:  Lynn asked about propagating foxgloves

These hellebores are Helleborus niger, the Christmas Rose. This particular variety comes into bloom in late November, making it perfect for filling urns or other containers for the winter holidays and beyond. This urn is planted in a cold zone 7

Here is how a chestnut looks right off of the tree

Out of their prickly husk, the chestnuts are shiny and smooth…and that slickness is one thing that makes them a bit hard to cut into!


These foxgloves were all grown from seed.

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