Eggshells, Roses and Growing Tall Verbena

This episode addresses if eggshells are beneficial in gardens, along with roses: fertilizing, deadheading, insects and diseases. Plus a question about the tall verbena.

 :30  True or False:    Eggshells are good for the vegetable garden.
4:31 Eat/Drink/Grow:   Roses in early summer.
25:16 Love Letters and Questions:      From Billie about Verbena bonariensis  

Here’s the link to the Rose Petal Panna Cotta recipe

Are eggshells good for a garden? Do they add calcium to the soil?

This David Austin Rose, Princess Anne, is one of the many roses he breeds for both beauty and fragrance.

This is a self-seeding annual or short-lived perennial that many garden lovers prize. It’s a butterfly magnet as well! Verbena bonariensis forever!

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