Fertilizing, Fall Cocktails, and Houseplants

 We’re celebrating fall with autumnal beverages, talking about applying fertilizer in the fall, and discussing cleaning up houseplants when you bring them back indoors.

:31   True or False: Winter is a good time to fertilize gardens.
4:38  Eat/Drink/Grow: Fall Cocktails and other garden or plant-based beverages.
17:58  The Plant Noob: Cleaning up houseplants when you bring them back inside. Repotting now? Cut back? Fertilize? Insects?
26:24   Love Letters and Questions:   Liz asks about the show notes.

Recipe for the Kale-tini below. Find the recipe for Ellen’s cocktail here.


For Two Cocktails

2 cups tightly packed kale
1 cup water
juice two limes
4 oz vodka or gin
1 Tbls agave syrup

The Process:

Cut enough kale into pieces to fill a 2-cup measure. Cover these pieces with water and place in a food processor or blender. Puree for a minute.
Strain the solids out of the pureed kale with a fine sieve, pressing with a spatula to get as much juice from the leaves as possible.
Squeeze the limes and add the lime juice, vodka, and agave syrup. Mix well or shake in a mason jar to combine. Pour into glasses over ice. Garnish with a small kale leaf.

These amaryllis bulbs needed weeding, dividing and repotting in a large container before they come into the house.

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