Foliar Feeding, Forks in the Garden and Auto-Flowering Cannabis

Have you seen the photo of plastic forks, tines up, in the garden? Wondering about spraying fertilizer on the leaves of plants to give them added nutrients? And how about that auto-flowering type of Cannabis…should you be harvesting in July?

:36    True or False:  Plastic forks in the garden?
7:21   Eat/Drink/Grow:  Foliar feeding.
18:20  Love Letters and Questions:    Manny asks about Cannabis

With thanks to our friends at Dramm, your source for great (not to mention colorful!) watering equipment: 

Here is one of the photos that goes with this myth about forks and critter control. These onions look like they’ve been cut off at fork level – does that mean that the forks might be preventing the critters from eating lower? Or does that mean that these forks were pushed in to that level? Or were these onions eaten before the forks were pushed in, and then the photo taken?

Should you be spraying nutrients directly onto foliage? What does Nature do? Does this happen in the natural, wild places? Not really. Would your plants benefit from a foliar feeding? Ellen and C.L. discuss.

It’s possible that auto flowering Cannabis plant would be ready to harvest in July. 

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