Insider Information on Garden Tourism, New Plants and Garden Products, and What on Earth is GWA?

In this episode we bring you all insider information, all the time, fresh from the GWA annual meeting in Buffalo, NY. We begin with a “Did You Know?” segment that explains just what GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators, is all about. Ellen and C.L. owe a great deal to this group because it’s how we met and became partners in crime.

In our “What’s For Dinner” moment we’ll introduce you to Field and Forest Products, a company that supplies mushroom spores. Want to grow your own mushrooms? Or maybe even start a mushroom-growing business? This is a company who can help you out. Clearly, this is a group of people who “put the fun in fungi.”

In our main segment we talk about garden tourism. The GWA meeting was held in Buffalo in 2017, just one week after GardenWalk Buffalo. Man oh man were we impressed. The people of Buffalo rock! And the gardens? Well, you have to go. The homeowners who open their properties during this event are creative, generous, and clearly have a wonderful time creating with color. The people of Buffalo are friendly and generous, and we came away inspired about how garden tourism can improve neighborhoods, become a huge source of income, and bring people together in positive ways.

Our Plant Noob segment focuses on a few plants and products we saw at the trade show during the GWA annual meeting. Links below!

Ellen and C.L. get playful with the watering equipment in the Dramm booth at GWA.

And as always we end up answering a question that came in by email…this one about a Meyer lemon plant. How to grow it in colder climates, what the common problems are, and how this plant is different from other houseplants.

More Information
The garden pictured above belongs to Jim Charlier. He is a graphic designer: visit his website to learn more!

To find out more about the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival you can go to

Learn more about the Dramm Company, both their watering products and their organic fertilizers, by visiting their website.

Discover High Country Gardens and all the wonderful, water-wise plants they offer.

See and read about Oso Easy Italian Ice landscape rose from Proven Winners.

Find out about David Austin’s peach colored Roald Dahl English Musk rose on the David Austin website.


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