Grilling, Fertilizing, Deer and Carnivorous Plants

C.L. and Ellen celebrate the summer season by talking about grilling, fertilizing, and carnivorous plants. We also discuss dealing with deer and growing edible plants in windy, urban situations such as rooftops and terraces.

:38  What’s for Dinner ; Grilling: farmed and forager
6:00  Plant noob: Fertilizing
13:05   Eat/Drink/Grow: carnivorous plants
19:50   Insider Info: Battling Bambi
25:57   Love Letters & Questions: Chelsea asks about growing edibles on a windy NYC terrace.

C.L. loves to grill chard leaves stacked with layers of cheese (or vegan cheese substitute) in between the leaves.

Pitcher plants are often sold at garden centers in hanging baskets. These plants “catch” many flies!

C.L. uses Wireless Deer Fence to keep the deer on her property away from plants that they love to eat. Click on the photo to be directed to the website.

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